Marble Surface

"I joined NAV midway through their first season after reading an article about them in Perimeter North magazine. I was interested in a group that worked toward a couple of concerts a year but did not perform weekly as a church commitment. 
I found so much more in NAV! What stood out for me was our young and very enthusiastic director, Lucas Tarrant. He made our experience so much more, with his knowledge of music history and sense of humor. He was engaged in teaching us new skills, building our confidence and creating beautiful music through many voices coming together for the joy of singing! I left every choir practice uplifted."

- Eileen Beekman

Over the last decade, Atlanta has become a staple for the Performing Arts with its booming film and television industry and incomparable music scene. With professional theaters, ballet, opera, and symphony orchestras, Atlanta has it all. In the heart of Sandy Springs lies North Atlanta Voices, Atlanta’s only non-audition community choir, where anyone who wants to experience the magic of music is accepted, regardless of experience or skill level. 


about us

Founded by Lucas Tarrant and Cheryl Logan, NAV is a culmination of their yin-and-yang, with an emphasis on community and highlighting their collective passions for music, teaching, connection and healing through the arts. Together, they function as the right and left sides of the chorus’s brain: Lucas as the spark and idea, and Cheryl as the motivation and execution. 

The chorus rehearses every Monday, and works toward performances every season. Beginning with nineteen members and quickly reaching forty-five in its second year, North Atlanta Voices continues to grow and flourish. The goal is to provide an opportunity for people to come together, make music and friends, and foster a positive environment focused on inclusion, diversity, and community.